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Our Flagship product provides a Laboratory Materials Management System for the
Engineering and Construction Industry.

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Program Management
Planning Management
Design Management
Construction Management
Construction Drawing Management
Laboratory Information Materials Management

Universal Compatibility

One application works on all browsers and devices.

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Automate and Standardize Complex Engineering and
Construction Programs with a Tested and Proven Solution

At ATSER Systems Inc., we strive to provide our clients with real, measurable value through the application of experienced staff and advanced state-of-the-art engineering software technology solutions. We have assembled a team of proven professionals that demonstrate their ability to achieve the project goals of complex engineering software initiatives.

Materials Quality

Assure-IT™ has been designed to capture data correlating with concrete, asphalt, aggregates and soil. It allows you to analyze real-time lab and field data based on the material acceptance criteria.

Data Analysis

Assure-IT™ provides project managers with an extensive system to process and analyze data from several laboratories, confirming compliance.

Quality Management

With years of geo-technical and structural services at its core. Our ITP processes are recognized nationwide for serving multiple inspectors simultaneously while saving time with collaboration both on-line and off-line.

Building on “True” Real-Time Information

Signature Projects

ATSER’s online product has been selected to provide all necessary program management, project controls, document management, drawing management, construction progress, cost control, scheduling, quality control and reporting combined in one fully integrated solution. ATSER also supplied Manage-IT™ an onsite system, IT support, and training.

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